Let’s not forget that nature can be magic. We professional women try hard to achieve perfection and make a difference every day. But we need to realize that there are some things as critical to our well being as our staff meeting or our latest project.

Clarks' Nutcracker perched on arrow head shaped of tree trunk. Photo serves as a reminder to professional women to take time to connect with nature.

Clark’s Nutcracker

Susan Says:

We are busy and purposeful, but we are not completely in charge. Thanks to Lucia’s photograph we appreciate something to which no human contributed. A bird perched just so, posed against an azure sky, lit by perfectly positioned sun light, sitting on a weathered and artfully twisted tree stump. They all came together randomly and without a plan to make this stunning piece.

Sometimes it’s important to remind your work group that the world doesn’t begin and end in the lab or the conference room. Problems, ideas, plans, instruction can take a momentary back seat to remember how insignificant is our role in the world. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and reconnect with this world.

Here’s a poem by William Carlos Williams that always stops me in my work-a-day tracks to consider the importance of things outside my control and my todo list.

The Red Wheel Barrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Lucia says:

There is nothing like a perfect serendipity moment to make life a joy. There I was at Crater Lake, when I saw this beautiful sculpture created by nature. I was wondering how to capture it in way to do it justice. I didn’t think a photo could show off the grace and elegance of the shape the wind was able to sculpt. Then the Clark’s Nutcracker landed at the very top and put the finishing touched on the photo.

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