Every presentation requires color. But what colors should you use in your presentation? Can I suggest that you use Lucia’s photos for ideas, a simple introduction to color theory and a quick lesson in color mixing that might help you understand how to use color like these natural masterpieces.

A quick look will tell you that Lucia has captured flowers in the three primary colors: a vibrant red aster, a blazing yellow tulip and a delicate blue Love in the Mist. The primary color designation means that these three colors can be combined to create all the other colors.

Red aster depicts using primary colors in presentations.

Take a Closer Look at The Flowers For Color Ideas

Look carefully and you’ll see that these flowers contain more than the primary colors, and serve as a painter’s palette for a mix of secondary and tertiary colors.

Let’s look at the aster and its blaze of red. But look again and think about how just a touch of blue has given these petals a purple cast.

Yellow tulip depicts using primary colors in presentations.

What about this tulip? If you look carefully you will see that it is not completely a pure and primary yellow, but has areas that contain red that creates a subtle streak of orange in the far petal.

Blue 'Love in the Mist' depicts using primary colors in presentations.

And how about the Love in a Mist? It has a decided green look toward the center which can only come with the addition of yellow.

Pretty neat how, once again, nature has give us some excellent color guidance free of charge. Green and blue; red and blue, yellow and red. Take your pick (sorry about the dreadful pun).