Is This You?

Is Being in the Spotlight Painful?


If you are quiet as a mouse, no one knows what you’ve got to give. If you want to become part of a team and advance your career, you’ll have to let people know you are competent and have valuable knowledge to share. You have to step into the spotlight and trust in your abilities. Nothing builds confidence like taking action.


Webinar? Elearning?

Now replace your audience with a camera for a webinar or elearning course. We can help you relax and look confident.


They were kind. They were directive. They were helpful in getting us comfortable. Not all of our staff is comfortable in front of a camera. But I gotta tell ya, Imagine Production folks put them at ease.

Mike Parnell


Do You Suffer from Glossophobia?

Are you overwhelmed by glossophobia (the dread of public speaking)? Since most people would rather die than give a speech, it’s no wonder that you fear presenting. But confronting your fear is the best way to build your self-confidence in front of an audience. We give you tangible tools to overcome the fear of making mistakes, of being ignored, of an audience that is indifferent, inattentive, and rude.

Webinar? Elearning?

Content is even more important when you can’t see your audience to gauge their reaction or if they are self-directed. We have a process to help you organize your content.



We're here to help.

Overcoming your fears and concerns about becoming an accomplished presenter is hard stuff. And it doesn’t happen by magic. That’s why we’re here to help.

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