In photography, light is everything. Pretty much. Look at this scene. The main attraction is the soft light from the setting sun and what it does to the colors and reflections.

Pond with geese and with reflections of trees. Beautiful light.

Light and colors, that’s what attracted me to this scene. It took my breath away. The way the light glimmers on the water and even creates little spotlights on the geese’s bodies is stunning. Because the light is soft, the colors are subtle. Notice the green grass in the foreground and how it’s echoed in the pale green in the trees. The soft pink across the pond adds a nice contrast, and the light adds a glow to the pink making it stand out.

There’s more.

The reflections of the trees across the pond in the water grabbed me in a big way. Their vertical lines across the pond create an ethereal effect that’s spellbinding, in a way.

Again it’s the light that’s the showpiece of this photo It draws you in and captures your imagination. Everything is painted by it. Everything is influenced by it.

Where is this?

‘Where is this?’, you might ask. I saw this while on a hike in the Wapato Greenway Park on Sauvie Island with my friend Amy and her dog Luna. If you live in Portland or are visiting, I highly recommend this hike. It’s very easy, and very flat, so it’s more of a stroll, really.

Imagine Footnote:

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