There’s a lot of strength in the simplicity of this photo. At first glance, you might say, there’s not much to see here. It’s not only simple, you might say, it’s actually sparse. But keep looking.

Strength in simplicity depicted by a raindrop hanging on a twig against a blurry background.

One raindrop hangs on to a twig, in the center of a large negative space. You would be hard pressed to get more simple that this. But there IS much to see. Look closely at the raindrop. You’ll see a microcosm of the surrounding small world. Reflected here, are not only the purple leaf in front of it, but also the branches in the background.

Now back up and look at the photo as a whole.

Look at the soft light and the blurred background. Add to it that, the colors of purple, pink, green, and blue are so subtle they almost create a monochromatic photo. I find a real beauty in this subtlety. It’s what makes this photo engaging.

Keep it Simple.

So, as you know, my mantra is ‘keep it simple’. There’s a reason for this. As depicted in this photo, by keeping it simple, I was able to capture the true strength of this tiny scene with all its hidden gems.

Imagine Productions’ Footnote:

We believe every presentation is made stronger through the use of visuals. Photos, including your own, can be a great source of inspiration for your audience. Also, they make your job easier by assisting you in getting your ideas across.