I opened my front door and there is was – raindrops hanging off of shapes and shades of green.

Shapes and shades of green make up this close up of leaves with raindrops hanging on the edges.

There’s much to see in this simple photo.

The back-lighting gives this simple photo a dramatic flair. It allows us to see the veins in the leaves, because they are accentuated by the light coming through the delicate parts of the leaves. The raindrops on the leaves hanging off the edges add a bit of flow to this small scene.

A Few Surprises

Look at the background on the right side of the leaves. Do you see the subtle changes in the gray color that seem to repeat the shape of the leaves? I have to admit, I have no idea how that happened. There was nothing in the that blurry background with those shapes. I think it was just a trick of the light. I love the surprises that I’ll see in a photo after I’ve captured it. Now, look closely at the light green leaf on the left for another little surprise. Notice the heart shape on the end of the leaf. Nice. Who would have thought there would be so much to see when I opened my front door?