The shadows are the reason for this photo and the truck is the surprise.

Old truck in front of building with columns. Shadows of trees create design on the columns.

What attracted me to this scene were beautiful patterns created by the shadows of the trees on the columns. I was busy framing my photo when the old truck drove into the scene and everything changed. What luck! The old truck made an already nice scene even better and more interesting, With the truck in the scene layers were added to the photo, which gave it more depth. Even the mottled colors on the truck echoed the shadowed patterns on the columns.

From one second to the next and a quick reaction

I did capture some photos of the building without the truck. And the shadows, which were my original attraction to this scene, did make me happy. But I’m not sure the photo was that compelling. As you can imagine, I was pleased when the truck entered the scene. I’m glad I had the presence of mind – oh!, snap – to release the shutter. It goes to show how from on second to the next a photo can have a completely different feel.