Oyster Catchers and refections on the wet sand.

Foto Friday returns to the Imagine Blog. To be honest I’ve been posting directly to social media, because I didn’t think my gab about my photos had any relation to our work with presentations. But Susan has urged me to bring Foto Fridays back to the Imagine blog to remind you of the importance that visuals play in strengthening your presentations. We believe that photos, including your own, can be a great source of inspiration for you audience. Also, they can make your job easier by assisting you in getting your ideas across. From now on, you’ll be seeing a plug for visuals in you presentations as a non sequitur at the end of my Foto Friday blogs, just to keep you on your toes.

Now Let’s Talk about the ‘Foto Friday’ Photo

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’ll know that I’ve been posting several photos from my trip to New Zealand. Well, here’s another, This one is of Oyster Catchers on Waikawau Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula. These birds are protected and we had to walk a long way on the beach to the protected area before we got close enough to see these birds. What I like about this photo is the birds themselves with their orange eyes and beaks. My friend, Simon Mrkusic, said they look like they’re eating carrots. Ha. My favorite part of this photo is, you guessed it, the reflections in the wet sand.