Crocuses and effects make me break out of my box. I’m not one for adding effects to my photos, but I thought I’d have some fun with this photo of early spring flowers.

Photo of crocuses with added effects to the picture.

I was surprised at how much I liked the painterly quality these effects gave these crocuses. I have to admit, since this was an experiment, I didn’t do much on my own. I used a preset supplied with my editing software and made a few changes to my liking. I’m wondering, does adding these effect make my photo look like a Hallmark card? Yikes!

Let’s Have a Look at the Original Photo

Photo of crocusesThought you’d like to see where this all started. It’s a nicely composed photo, but not breathtaking by any means. I do like that you can see the raindrops on the leave. But I think adding the effects gave this photo a bit pizzazz. What do you think?







Imagine Productions Footnote:

We believe every presentation is made stronger through the use of visuals. Photos, including your own, can be a great source of inspiration for your audience. Also, they make your job easier by assisting you in getting your ideas across.