The focus of this overhead shot would most likely have been the beautiful cherry blossoms. But for me, it was the lacy patterns of the shadows. Therefore, I didn’t capture the full effect of the row of cherry trees. Instead I framed the photo to create a balance between the blossoms and their shadows.

Overhead shot of solitary person walking under cherry trees in bloom.

People under a canopy of cherry blossoms.A solitary person walking under the cherry blossoms was not an easy thing to capture, because the cherry trees in bloom on the waterfront always attract a crowd. Yesterday was no exception. It was a beautiful sunny day people flocked to enjoy themselves under the canopy of pink blossoms.




As you can imagine there was a lot of picture taking. Here, these three were working on a posed picture as one stands, another shakes the branch to make petals falls, as the other takes the picture. Three people work on posed photo under the cherry blossoms.

A Bit of Background

This beautiful spot on the Willamette River is in the Japanese American Historical Plaza, which commemorates the interment of Japanese Americans during WWII. The trees were a gift from the Japanese Grain Importers Association and were planted in 1990. Every year these trees announce the arrival of spring and locals and visitors from around the world.