Asters are also a sign of autumn, not just trees and bushes. I sometimes I get so engrossed by the spectacular leaves on the tress that I forget to look around to find other depictions of fall.

Red aster

More to this Photo than Simply a Sign of Autumn

Yes, the dominant element in this photo is obviously the red aster. But there’s more to see if you look closely. There are are couple of yellow asters making an appearance in the blurry background. I think they create a nice counterpoint to the red in the main aster. Notice the dots of yellow in the stamen, I wonder if this red aster started out as yellow. Does that mean the yellow ones in the background will eventually turn red? Or maybe they are yellow flowers after all. Either way. these tiny dots in the center disc of the red aster create a nice connection with the background flowers.

The Cycle of Life?

Now look at the left side of the photo. See the spiky, dead looking thing? Is this left over from an earlier aster? If so, this photo has it all. It’s a good depiction of the life cycle of an aster. Yes, there really is more to see than meets the eye at first glance. What do you think? Do you see more?

And, by the way, don’t forget to look around you to catch the full autumn experience: trees, bushes, flowers, and anything else.