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Trust Your Instincts When Making Design Choices

I followed your instructions and used photos and pictures to illustrate my talk rather than words. I had a thread that sewed the theme nicely. I used a consistent font and color throughout. And I told stories to make it personal. Six weeks later, people are still asking me engaging questions and have thoughtful comments about that talk. I wanted you know that you made a difference for me.

Mary Sherman

Sherman Family Properties


How to Bring Lists to Life

Design helps you connect with your audience at a personal level. We can help you by turning dry, but important information, into interactive and supportive images. It may take a little more effort, but you’ll be remembered as a thoughtful, helpful presenter.

I’m an accountant so numbers and spreadsheets are a part of my DNA. When Imagine insisted that my data needed to be made more accessible to the rest of the world, I balked. But they kept insisting, gently, and finally I agreed.  What they did with my data made such a difference to my clients. It boosted their understanding and their engagement with my ideas.

Jackie B. Peterson

Better Smarter Richer

Webinar? Elearning?

Design in webinars and elearning becomes even more critical because this audience is self-directed. Good design will guide them through the course and will keep them motivated to continue.

Good Design Supports Your Content

Sometimes your passion for a project can cloud our design sense. We’ll help you step back and look at your project from an outsider’s perspective, making certain that your design connects to your content.


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Overcoming your fears and concerns about becoming an accomplished presenter is hard stuff. And it doesn’t happen by magic. That’s why we’re here to help.

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