About Us

We believe the best communication comes from your emotion, passion and conviction.
That is why we partner with you to create work that represents these ideas and connects them with your audience emotionally. We believe that communication is vital to a greater understanding of one another.

Explore our website to find out how we can help you. Developing and organizing your content for clarity and impact. Designing your slides so that they support your message. Coaching your delivery to help overcome shyness or improve your body language. Using words, images, design, and coaching we bring your stories to life.



Susan and Lucia gave us the guidance we needed to reach people, who not only did not know the content but might even be skeptical about what we were trying to present. They helped us to create a learning process that gave those people skills they could utilize with confidence.

Rae Latham

Educational Productions

The education that they imposed on themselves to learn our industry, they knew our industry as well as anybody. And they knew what needed to be pulled out of out trainers… It rarely works out the way you hope. Well that isn’t the case with Imagine Productions. They under-promised and over-delivered in everything. They certainly exceeded our expectations.

Mike Parnell


Imagine really goes for it. They encouraged me when I was doubtful. They supported me through setbacks. They were able to make suggestions for changes that only someone who completely understood my project could make. I cannot imagine doing this project without the professionalism and support of Imagine Productions.

Jackie B. Peterson

Better Smarter Richer

Because they had made the effort to understand our needs so well, I could count on them to provide creative, high quality work with minimal input and guidance. Imagine cared enough to know our business, to understand our needs, so much so that they were more like a partner than a vendor.

Don Stait