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Confronting the Blank Page

You may think you have nothing, because getting started is hard. We can get you over that first hurtle to unlock your story.

I was a project manager with absolutely zero experience in this type of production, when my company hired Imagine Productions to teach us how to create a course. Without Imagine, my company would have had a very costly mess and no product. Instead, Susan and Lucia cheerfully and intelligently helped us bring this important product to life.

Jessica Letteney

Productivity Inc.


Creating Order from the Chaos

What to keep. What to dump. Where to start. Where to end. How to engage your audience until the call to action. These are critical decisions that can make or break a presentation. We help you get it right.

After you helped me…my slides were a lot more engaging and people came up to me afterwards and shook me by the hand and said it was very well done!

Mazarine Treyz

Wildwomen Social Media

Webinar? Elearning?

Content is even more important when you can’t see your audience to gauge their reaction or if they are self-directed. Presenting a problem, stating your argument, and offering solutions are key elements of content. We have a process to help you organize it.

The Critical Importance of Knowing Your Audience

What does your audience want, need, or expect. If you can’t answer these questions, you are developing your presentation in the dark. We help you find the answers and align them with the content of your presentation.


We're here to help.

Overcoming your fears and concerns about becoming an accomplished presenter is hard stuff. And it doesn’t happen by magic. That’s why we’re here to help.

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