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  • Imagine Productions: Storytellers

    Everything we do is based in storytelling.
  • High-Stakes Presentations

    We help get your message to your audience. Here are a few examples.
  • Before and After

    We used graphics and story instead of a bulleted list to engage the audience.
  • Imagine has a Unique Value Proposition

    Wow! Here we are in Jackie's presentation! How did that happen?
  • We Teach How to Plan, Build and Deliver a Presentation

    Everything revolves around your story.
  • E-Learning

    We study your industry to create highly-effective e-learning courses.
  • Industrial Training International. Inc.

    Using video, animation and real-world practices, this course teaches how to rig big loads safely.
  • Inspireworks

    With interactive exercises, journals, practices, and video, this e-learning course is for pre-school teachers.
  • Parr Cabinet Outlets

    This e-learning course includes puzzles to teach sales staff how to design a kitchen.
  • Video

    Video is at the heart of our storytelling.
  • Through the Viewfinder

    Susan, Cathy and Orio plan the next shot.
  • On Location

    Susan directs while Cathy frames the shot and Steve records audio.
  • Checking Footage

    Lucia takes a break from the rain.
  • That's a Wrap!

    Susan celebrates with a client after a successful shoot.

“Imagine Productions under-promised and over-delivered in everything. They certainly exceeded our expectations.”
– Mike Parnell, President,
ITI – Industrial Training International, Woodland, WA

Call us at 503-232-3288 or email us at:

high-stakes presentations:

Do you have to give a presentation that absolutely has to succeed? We can help build a persuasive, killer slide deck and develop rock star delivery. We’ll find your pitch-perfect focus, organize your thinking and coach you to a powerful delivery.


Is it difficult to get your team working together? To help your clients see the value of your service or product? Train your employees to work safely? Improve the quality of your customer service front lines? E-learning is a powerful solution. Tell us about your problem. We can help.


Does anyone know how passionate you are about what you do? Do your clients know how talented you are? How unique your service is? How valuable your approach could be? Let them see with video – the elemental storytelling medium. We can bring your story to life.


Get your monthly bulletin of
Hot Tips and Trends